• See if they have a professional office & not just an answering service.
  • Check the professionalism of the office and the literature.
  • Check the personality and integrity of the owner and their overall presentation.
  • Ask about or look at the men who will be working on/in your home or business.
  • See if you would feel comfortable to entrust your most valuable possessions to them.
  • If you have hesitations of trust, in the beginning, you will be sure to have major problems in the end.
  • Construction is invasive in & of itself, “if you do not love the owner in the beginning, you will hate him in the end.” – Charles Bonnici
  • Check the availability and all of the phone numbers which give you access to the owner.
  • REFERENCES; We have an open-door policy of visiting our jobs with an appointment & we notify the owner in advance, they are glad to do it. “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words” Thus, we try not to inconvenience our customers with nuisance call references from strangers. You may also visit our office to see volumes of pictures on our computer.
  • Know that we DO NOT shuffle jobs in order to gluttonize profits, nor do we hurt you in the interim as many others do.
  • We show up EVERY DAY until COMPLETION.
  • See if your contract is professionally typed and includes all the items you discussed (and go over it with the owner in detail) or if it’s merely a handwritten proposal or an inadequate attempt.
  • When we come across unexpected problems or impediments as a courtesy we will only charge our costs of time & material. Many other contractors look to make large profits on these items because they know they have you at a major disadvantage.
  • Most importantly evaluate the owner and his crew and ask yourself this very serious question:

Do you feel safe with them having the key to YOUR Home or Business?