Common Myths about Home Remodeling



Common Myths about Home Remodeling, have you ever believed something because it seems to be common knowledge only to find out much later that everyone literally has the wrong idea? That’s how myths work, and in this age and time, there are myths about everything everywhere. This noise makes it hard to tell truth from lies and facts from myths. But today, we have got your back on debunking those myths about home remodeling. Yes, there are lots of surprises and new realizations waiting.


  • Home remodeling can be DIY

A home remodeling project can be on anything from adding an extra room to changing current rooms and so on. In most cases, it involves a series of professionals each expert in their field who contribute their part to completing the remodeling project. One would expect homeowners to be thrilled by this but it turns out they only get scared. Being able to DIY a remodeling project because it’s a cheaper option is a myth. Without the proper experience, skill, and time, you would end up spending much more than the initial cost of hiring professionals. Not to mention possible damages or accidents that might occur when you choose to renovate your home yourself.


  • All home remodeling projects add value to your home

The idea that remodeling your home today can help increase resale value tomorrow is probably the most popular opinion on home remodeling. While it’s not entirely wrong, the truth is this only one reason to remodel and most times, it does not apply. Remodeling should be about your comfort and current lifestyle. There’s no assurance that a potential buyer will find the changes attractive or worth higher value.

  • The lower the bid the better the value

Not every contractor is out to give you the best. It’s unfortunate yet true. Hence, just because your budget seems to resonate with the lowest bid doesn’t mean you should take that option. A contractor offering the lowest bid is cutting corners somewhere to make that bid work and this could be by using inferior materials or rushing the job. Always determine credibility and other factors, in addition, to bid before hiring.


  • Going green is expensive

In the long run, going green is always the cheaper option. Those seemingly expensive green products save lots of money as time goes by. Also, not all green products are expensive. Shop wisely but try not to cut corners. There are equally cost-free ways to go green that involve your daily activities.


  • Home renovations wreck your home and put you out of a home until its complete

It’s understandable why many homeowners believe they have to leave their home during a remodeling project. What you don’t know is, it’s hardly necessary. Home remodeling professionals are trained to work around occupants and they hardly need the entire house to themselves to work on just a section. A reputable company will discuss and agree on a schedule with you before starting.

Also, its true remodeling can get messy, but not so much. A reputable company will discuss any major disruptive concerns with you and clean up as they go.


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