Large Corporations are Companies that cannot take chances that their vendors are not 100% legitimate. We take this honor very seriously.

FREE Design Coordination by a Professional Interior Designer
FREE Project Management for most Major Projects (call for details)

Our Prices are Absolutely Reasonable!

You should be very weary of any other contractor or crew that is lower or higher priced. In addition to the contract you must choose wisely who represents the company of your choice. Charlie (owner) is your protection from unscrupulous crews or handymen crews that will surely displease you and cause you much personal anxiety or business interruption. Our company is our contract.

We are extraordinarily $$$ Reasonably Priced $$$ and provide Top Quality Work.

Our prices are exactly where they should be. If anyone quotes you a substantially lower price than ours; you should be strongly concerned and forewarned that this will most certainly be a one-man operation out of a pickup truck or home office. You can almost be assured that they will be un-licensed and un-insured taking away your most important security protections if something goes wrong.

Their work will be sub-standard, sloppy, late to finish, and/or may take flight somewhere along your job when another one comes along, leaving you in complete distress, disarray, and horrible loss of money.

WORKMANSHIP & DELIVERY GUARANTEE; Our Quality is also Guaranteed in Writing. In Fact, we give a 10% holdback of payment that is not released until the customer is Fully Satisfied with the Final Quality and Punchlist Completion. Additionally, our delivery dates are Guaranteed in writing so as to assure you a comfortable return to your property.