Home Office

How to Create the Ideal, Functional Home Office, running a business from home is both exciting and cost-effective. A home office offers you great flexibility and comfort, but if it’s not created properly, you might sacrifice performance or maximum productivity for comfort. 

Hence, to ensure an ideal and functional home office, you must separate your work/business from the home environment. Here’s how you can do this.


1.    Identify the key factors 

There are factors to consider when creating a functional home office. These factors influence things such as the home office space, location, equipment, and so on. Answer these questions to identify the key factors;

·      What work activities will be carried out in the home office?

·      Will you receive visits from clients or colleagues?

·      What type of equipment is required?

·      What type of materials will be stored?

·      Will you make video or conference calls?

·      Do you often need to access files? 

·      Is it important for you to have peace and quiet?

·      How many hours will you spend daily in the office?

Home Office

2.    Decide on the location

After answering the questions above a lot of things become clearer. Now you can tell if your home office can be the guest room or a more secluded or open spot in the home. The location you choose should contribute to the efficiency of your workspace. It’s often better to choose somewhere with a door, ample space, and less foot traffic from others in the home. Ensure the space has good ventilation. Sometimes a remodeling project may be what you need to set up the perfect home office location, in such a situation we are here for you.

3.    Invest in equipment

Naturally, you can identify the equipment vital to your work or business. For your home office, purchase only the work equipment that you use frequently or daily. If perhaps you use a printer once in a week and not often, you could save up on space and cost by using one in the neighborhood public store.

 Ensure you invest in the best quality equipment that is highly responsive, fast, and efficient. Get a separate phone line for your business. A computer is almost indispensable to any business now, invest in a good user-friendly brand. Purchase materials in bulk to save time and money.

4.    Invest in ergonomic equipment

When you spend hours each day at a worktable, it can impact your health. Be sure to invest in an ergonomic work table, chairs, keyboards, and other equipment. The availability of several ergonomic designs makes it easy to choose what you need for your home office. Consider soft keyboard pads to rest your wrists, footrests, standing desks, and more.

5.    Layout

An office should never be too casual and should be organized to maximize performance. For your home office layout, start with painting the walls in vibrant and office suitable colors. Next, place everything in its place. Set your table and chair some distance against a wall with a clear view of the door or exit/entry route. Materials that you use often should be closest to you. Work inspiring décor, office suitable furniture, and proper lighting should be included too.

 When all these are in place, be sure to set some ground rules to complete your process of creating an ideal and functional home office. These include;

·      No noise/disturbance during work hours

·      Set work hours

·      Avoid clutter, dirt, and distractions in the office space.