Should I Move or Remodel


Should I Move or Remodel? – The Ultimate Checklist, there are several reasons why the thoughts of moving or renovating your current home can come to mind. It could be that your family has grown, or you have developed a dislike for the current functionality or some areas of your home. It could also be you just want something refreshing. Whatever the reason, a clear fact is that deciding on either a move or a home remodeling can be daunting. Here are the factors to consider to help you make a valid decision.

  1. What’s your relationship status?

I don’t mean your relationship with a spouse or lover; I mean your relationship with the house. Some people have emotional attachments to where they live, especially if they have lived there for years or gone through some rough times in the home. With a factor like this in play, it’s hard and certainly not wise to move out unless other factors can outweigh this one.

Should I Move or Remodel

  1. What could either option cost?

Moving is not without a financial implication. No matter how you try to beat it, everyone always winds up with moving costs. Then there’s the issue of the costs of your new home. In most cases, you would be upgrading to a better home- how does the cost of maintenance, utility bills, and others compare against your current home. Moving might also mean selling your home and this comes with another set of costs such as realtor or agent commission, search costs, minor repairs to prep the home for sales, and more.

If you choose to stay in your old home and remodel, that is a large cost as well. You would pay professionals to assist you with the process, buy materials, and your budget comes into question. A possible benefit is that you can use a home equity loan to pay for the renovation.

  1. How convenient and timely are both options?

There’s hardly anything convenient about a home remodeling. There is going to be noise, dust, dirt, lack of privacy, and limited space with a home renovation. But it can’t be helped. The time this renovation would take depends on how much work you are doing. For example, if you are renovating a large part of your home, it would take more time than a simple kitchen renovation or bedroom remodel.

Moving usually includes time taken to sell your home or move, to find a new place. The inconvenience of moving only occurs when you are packing, moving, unpacking, and selling a home.

  1. What’s the compromise?

For a home remodeling, you might only be compromising on cost and convenience. You can rest assured of getting what you want. A move, however, can bring a few compromises here and there. Your perfect home might be in an area you don’t like. The home might lack some things you want but had to check off your list.

You can see there’s hardly a clear-cut answer. Your decision should be based on these factors and more to avoid any later regrets.

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Common Myths about Home Remodeling



Common Myths about Home Remodeling, have you ever believed something because it seems to be common knowledge only to find out much later that everyone literally has the wrong idea? That’s how myths work, and in this age and time, there are myths about everything everywhere. This noise makes it hard to tell truth from lies and facts from myths. But today, we have got your back on debunking those myths about home remodeling. Yes, there are lots of surprises and new realizations waiting.


  • Home remodeling can be DIY

A home remodeling project can be on anything from adding an extra room to changing current rooms and so on. In most cases, it involves a series of professionals each expert in their field who contribute their part to completing the remodeling project. One would expect homeowners to be thrilled by this but it turns out they only get scared. Being able to DIY a remodeling project because it’s a cheaper option is a myth. Without the proper experience, skill, and time, you would end up spending much more than the initial cost of hiring professionals. Not to mention possible damages or accidents that might occur when you choose to renovate your home yourself.


  • All home remodeling projects add value to your home

The idea that remodeling your home today can help increase resale value tomorrow is probably the most popular opinion on home remodeling. While it’s not entirely wrong, the truth is this only one reason to remodel and most times, it does not apply. Remodeling should be about your comfort and current lifestyle. There’s no assurance that a potential buyer will find the changes attractive or worth higher value.

  • The lower the bid the better the value

Not every contractor is out to give you the best. It’s unfortunate yet true. Hence, just because your budget seems to resonate with the lowest bid doesn’t mean you should take that option. A contractor offering the lowest bid is cutting corners somewhere to make that bid work and this could be by using inferior materials or rushing the job. Always determine credibility and other factors, in addition, to bid before hiring.


  • Going green is expensive

In the long run, going green is always the cheaper option. Those seemingly expensive green products save lots of money as time goes by. Also, not all green products are expensive. Shop wisely but try not to cut corners. There are equally cost-free ways to go green that involve your daily activities.


  • Home renovations wreck your home and put you out of a home until its complete

It’s understandable why many homeowners believe they have to leave their home during a remodeling project. What you don’t know is, it’s hardly necessary. Home remodeling professionals are trained to work around occupants and they hardly need the entire house to themselves to work on just a section. A reputable company will discuss and agree on a schedule with you before starting.

Also, its true remodeling can get messy, but not so much. A reputable company will discuss any major disruptive concerns with you and clean up as they go.


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Bathroom Renovation


Renovating any part of the home is not an easy feat. It must involve lots of planning to avoid regrettable mistakes. The annoying thing is you can make mistakes whether or not you plan. But you can’t compare the mistakes you make without a plan to those you make with a plan. To help you stay on the safe side with your bathroom renovation here are 7 common mistakes pointed out along with how to avoid them.

  1. Going in without a budget

No matter how much you have, it’s never right to embark on any project without a budget. It only leads to spending too much money and getting little value for it. Before anything begins to visit stores with the images of the kind of materials, space, and other things you need for the renovation to get a decent estimate. Of course, make provision for extra money worth at least 10% of your original budget.

Bathroom Renovation

  1. Choosing the wrong sink or bathtub

We all have that dream tub or sink that we can’t or shouldn’t try to force into our bathrooms. Don’t try this at all. Some people end up with a sink or tub that’s too large, not fitting, and/or not functional for their bathroom space.

  1. Neglecting proper ventilation

The bathroom is always a moist environment and an attraction for microorganisms. Add that to a lack of ventilation to air out space and you have peeling paint, growing mold, an entire country’s worth of microorganisms. Keep your new bathroom safe, clean, and long-lasting by ensuring proper ventilation during the remodeling process. Don’t leave out a reasonably sized window.

  1. Not committing to a theme

A renovating process makes you feel you can have anything, and that is exciting. But you shouldn’t take it so literally. Check your options from images online or in magazines and choose. Choose a theme, choose a look, décor, or idea. It saves stress and hastens your project.

  1. Trying to DIY it

Many homeowners probably believe they can even DIY building a house – they DIY everything else already. A bathroom renovation like many other projects should never be DIY. You need to hire licensed and experienced professionals for the whole project and not some parts. It will save you costs and stress in the long-run. Not to mention professionals have better finishing.

  1. Not planning for that possible contingency

Contingencies almost always occur. They can be mild or pretty serious and without any plan for them, they can greatly influence your project in the wrong way. It’s possible to discover that the upgrades are more serious than predicted. So be prepared to go with a plan B on everything.

  1. Rushing the project

Rushing the bathroom renovation might help your bathroom come together faster. But it also sets you up for other problems. A renovation or remodeling project takes time for the contractors to work through. Don’t rush them into taking shortcuts or using untested methods.




Kitchen Remodel



Planning a Kitchen Remodel, the kitchen is often regarded as the most important room in the home, closely followed by the bathroom before bedrooms and other living spaces. The kitchen is so vital that regardless of if you cook or not you still need it just to handle all your eating needs.

A kitchen remodel is not a project to be taken lightly, but it is highly rewarding in the end. You would be surprised at how many people want to remodel their kitchen – it can’t be helped because nothing beats a kitchen tailored to your taste and needs.

To help you go through this kitchen remodeling smoothly here is a valuable guide for the project.

  1. Start with a plan

If you have no plan, then your kitchen remodeling is a disaster waiting to happen. Planning begins by knowing what you want and why. Do you want a bigger kitchen? Why is that? These answers can influence the rest stages of the project. Next, get a clear picture of what you need. You can look to websites, magazines, and Pinterest to get a clear picture of the tastes or design you would like. They can also give you a good idea of the budget.

  1. You will need a budget

Knowing what you can afford helps to direct your project as well. Perhaps your budget can only accommodate a slight increase in size that is useful to know in the beginning than halfway through when you have already laid the foundation for something much bigger. Chances are you will always have some extra things you wish you included but don’t stress much about such things. Focus on what is most important for your kitchen remodel.


  1. Contact the professionals

With your intended design, needs, and budget in mind, it is time to call on the professionals. A kitchen remodeling project is not just any improvement project. DIYs are hardly possible or advised here so reaching out to professionals is much better. Hire a contractor and a designer who can work hand in hand to give you your dream kitchen. Look out for factors like their price and payment schedule, their past works, license and insurance, and more. Choose professionals that will make your project a success without tearing a hole through your pocket or setting you up for disappointing surprises.

  1. Know the timeline and make living adjustments

Now, you should be ready to begin the kitchen remodel. Get the timeline for the project and try to fix it at a time in your life where you have fewer responsibilities outside your home. For example, if you would be on a vacation soon, that might be the best time for this remodel as you don’t need to worry about work too. You also need to make some living adjustments like cooking or completely living elsewhere.

When all is done, you can enjoy your hard work and investment. If you have plans to sell your home in the future, it’s good to know that the kitchen remodel increases the value of your home and you can actually recoup the money spent.

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Home Remodeling doesn’t have to involve the full restoration of your area in your house to give you the outcome that you are looking for. It is actually amazing what you can do today to transform the look of your house with just one or two, relatively little, adjustments. This post will offer you all of the suggestions, tricks, and ideas that you have to begin.

After some original use, your kitchen area units may start to shed their original appeal. You may stand out up kitchen cabinetry by using vehicle wax.

Utilize some vehicle wax liberally to a cloth and wash your kitchen cabinets straight down inside a circular action. This may make the cabinets seem like they’re new and sparkling.

The commercially accessible colors for your light fixture tend to be mundane and absence creativity. Purchase some affordable stencils on your community create a shop, and taking advantage of some acrylic paint or dye-based printer ink mat, dab around the styles, moving these to your lamp hue. You could virtually create any layout you can imagine and give more persona to your residence.

Invest some time once a week to dust particles all home components. It only takes a few days for dust to build-up and for contaminants to wreak destruction in your daily life. Whenever you dust your components, you very clear out debris and view for fleas, spiders, and ants.

For any wonderful addition to your property, think about converting two home windows that are close up with each other into a sliding window or french doors. With cup entry doors, you will be allowing the sunshine into the future and also the attractiveness around the world exterior your home. Having the capability to keep an eye out at character although owning your very first mug of coffee can certainly make your time and money rewarding.

Bathroom Remodel

When remodeling a bathroom, avoid overspending. You may make a major impact despite having a tiny price range. Changing your bath towel bars, owners, lighting, and also the toilet mirror will help. Then, include painting as a way to perk up your room. This all can lead to your bathrooms looking brand new and never have to spend lots of cash.

There’s no need for a full washroom transform when you are able to make your washroom more practical and classy by installing new fixtures. Upgrade the shower area by using a far more adjustable shower area go or there are also models that imitate rain! New drain taps, towel racks, case computer hardware or wall mirrors are other powerful selections. Alter out your furnishings and you will enhance your style without busting your financial budget.

When you are performing a washroom upgrade, think about not swapping the bathtub, rather simply have it refinished. If your tub is made from porcelain, you may employ a contractor to upgrade the finish of the aged bathtub, which makes it sparkle like new. Although you may possess a stainless steel or porcelain tile tub, it could be refinished to save some money. Water damage needs to be the only explanation of why you get the cost of changing all the floor tiles.

Not only does full-level redesigning charge a lot of money, but it is also often not essential. With all the information presented in the following paragraphs, hopefully, you sense comfortable you have the abilities required to make a spectacular improvement in the style of your property with just a few simple changes. Have some fun preparation for your upcoming task!

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